Proposal Writing

If you are new to preparing business proposals and do not know how to proceed, you are not sure how to organize a business proposal, you are not sure how to respond or what information is required to be submitted with the bid proposal or how to structure individual responses;

Integrity Reliance (IR) will assist you in proper proposal writing. This requires an understanding of direct and indirect costs and how fees are developed. 
Complex private or government RFP requires understanding, interpretation and detailed preparation of the proposals.

Request For Proposals (RFP) can vary from simple to highly complex documents requiring a thorough review and understanding. The Bid Proposal must address all issues and include all required information and documentation requested therein, otherwise it may be rejected as non-responsive or negatively evaluated. This encompasses knowing exactly what, and what not, to include in a proposal.

Organization of the proposal also plays a very important role to make it easier for the reviewers to find the information in a sequential manner to facilitate their evaluation. 

Each RFP is different and contains different requirements and levels of complexity. The Proposal must therefore be custom prepared to address these issues accordingly. Our service employs humans, not computer generated wizards. Computer wizards cannot interpret RFP documents and cannot properly prepare the proposal as required.

Contact us if you need our professionals to work out all your proposals.


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