Finance Interview Questions with Answers

Being an ACCA Member I will mention those questions with answers which were asked from me during my interviews for different finance positions. It will give you general idea that what questions you will be asked if you go for a finance position interview.

So let’s start with first question which is very common.

Q1: Can you please intoduce yourself or your general background?

This question is asked in every interview because they want to hear from you what you have written in your cv, the answer should start from saying thank you all i am —-, I have Completed my education from —— university from —— country. After discussing education you should talk about your work experience starting from the first place you have worked in mentioning your job title and employer name with little reponsibilities. Your answer should end with mentioning your last employer and job title but make sure that your answer is not too long but it is short and brief minimum 1 minuet and maximum 2 minuets long.